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Every project is different, and consideration should be given to the general condition of the construction site, its drainage and usage. After that, some basic "rules of thumb" apply.

Even though we produce many sizes of crushed stone, these products can be broadly categorized into two groups. The first, "Clean Rock," consists of products that are clean and have little or no "fines" (smaller pieces) included in them. The other group may contain smaller particles down to and including dust.


Clean Rock is used to make concrete, chip seal a road, fill a lateral line or to add a decorative touch to landscaping projects. These materials are coarse, do not compact, and are excellent in drainage applications.


Products that include fines are commonly referred to as "Base Materials" and are best for roads, parking lots or driveway projects. The fines in the product act as a binder, holding the rock together and making a compacted, sturdy base. Clean Rock lacks that binder and will not compact.

Clean Rock
Product Name Common Application
3/8" #2 Cover Chips, 5/8" #3 Cover Chips Chip seal county roads
1" #67, 1 1/2" #57 Ready mixed concrete
1 1/2" Coarse Stone Lateral lines, septic tanks
3", 4", 6" Surge Construction entrances, fill boggy areas
Riprap Large stone used for erosion control
Base Materials
Product Name Common Application
Screenings Non-specification material for walking paths, light traffic
Crusher Run Non-specification material for roads and parking lots
1 1/2" ODOT Base Type A State specification base material
Product Name Characteristic Common Application
Concrete Sand Clean, washed coarse sand that meets ASTM C33 specifications Mixing in concrete
Masonry Sand Clean, washed, fine sand  
(our finest sand) Mixing into grout to lay bricks  
Screened Fill Sand Clean washed, fine sand Standard bedding material, volleyball courts, play sand
Unscreened Fill Sand Unwashed fine sand Filling holes